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October Monthly Horoscope: War and Peace? Whilst your Sun Sign describes qualities you are learning to develop and become, your Moon describes who you already are Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Your Rising Sign shows the way you project yourself, how others see you, and the kind of experiences needed to make your life meaningful.

Your Moon Sign describes your instinctive or emotional energies, your innate reactions, and the things you need to feel comfortable or secure. It can reveal your emotional, genetic and intuitive makeup. Whilst your Sun Sign describes qualities you are learning to develop and become, your Moon Sign describes those that you already are. With the Moon in the sign of Taurus, you are likely to have an innate need for security and comfort. Taurus is an Earth sign , and so pertains to the tangible, material aspects of life.

You are likely to find that you relate easily to the physical plane, and find much comfort in what you can see, hear, smell, touch and taste. Taurus is also a Fixed sign , implying constancy, patience and perseverance. This suggests that you will by drawn to circumstances which are predictable, concrete and well-established. Preferring to know the ground upon which you stand, you are likely to seek the comfort of tangible outcomes, and the security of knowing what can or cannot be maintained. In essence, it is usually quite fortunate to be born when the Moon is in this sign.

Here, the lunar energies are particularly strong, owing to the special connection between the Moon and Taurus. If you are born with the Moon here, you have a greater opportunity to be in touch with your fundamental needs, together with the practicality to know how to achieve them.

Often, those born when the Moon is in Taurus find it easy to enjoy the pleasures of life, coupled with an uncanny ability to somehow attract them. On this point, those born with the Moon here rarely find themselves going without. It is almost as if you have the capacity to magically attract exactly what you need. You may find that you somehow always have enough, or just when you start to feel the need for something, it synchronistically appears. For maximum effect, you should share these resources with others. With the Moon in Taurus, you will find that the more you share with others, the more you will get.

Rather than coming from a place of fear — thinking you have to hold onto what you have — your best approach is to see money or resources as simply a concrete manifestation of life force. Allowing this energy to flow through you generates greater abundance in return. You experience more comfort in life when you share comfort with others, and from this position, will probably never be without. The Moon in Taurus gives you the intuitive capacity to unconsciously manifest the resources and experiences you need to feel comfortable.

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Comfort is a key issue , and with the Moon here, you are likely to find that you need comfort and security in order to feel emotionally centered. This is not to say that you are innately materialistic. You just know that life flows better for you when you are materially secure.

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Emotional stability is reflected in your attitude toward material possessions. Knowing how to appreciate quality, you will be instinctively drawn to finer things. You may not feel that you need to hold onto them, but you will understand that your ability to appreciate the best in life is a reflection of your self-worth.

Moon in Taurus: Characteristics and Traits

Self-worth is connected to material security. You will notice that you tend to feel emotionally secure when you know you are taking care of yourself, as well as others. You are likely to be instinctually aware of possessions or their lack and this will reflect greatly on how you view your self. For you, self esteem and possessions are intimately linked.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

It is not that you have to have material things to feel that you are worthwhile, but more an innate sense that life is there to be enjoyed, so that when you allow yourself the pleasures of life, you demonstrate a level of self-care that creates emotional fulfillment. You may be happy with just a bowl of rice and a blanket, but will truly understand that life is greatly enhanced when the rice is nutritious and the blanket of good quality.

The best way to nurture yourself is by ensuring that you have this quality and comfort in your life. This is not to say that you are greedy or possessive. In fact, the opposite is usually the case.

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Because you can easily attract to yourself what you need, you tend to learn early on that life is even better when you share what you have. On an emotional level, you are likely to be warm, generous and giving. You will enjoy nurturing others with the fine things you have found. How demonstrative you are will depend on other factors in your chart, but as a bottom line, you are probably extremely generous and dependable. A loyal and devoted friend, you are also likely to be a giving and reliable partner. Because you are innately connected to the physical plane, you will have a heightened awareness of the body and its senses.

You can easily find comfort through sensual things , and are likely to have a heightened appreciation for physical pleasure. Massage, body care, fragrances, good food or high-quality materials are likely to appeal to you. You will be deeply anchored in your physical body and enjoy all the pleasures that the senses can bring.