November 24 birthday astrology gemini

Trying new things or meeting new people, we often discover new sides of ourselves. We can have fun trying on different ideas and identities, without being limited or defined by any particular one. After all, this is a time for gathering information—not worrying about how it all fits into the grand scheme of things. Of course, we will want to know that eventually. Just remember to keep an open mind—some of your new insights may surprise you!

This mutable air sign is never too proud to change its mind or adapt itself to new situations.

With so many opportunities to socialize at this full moon, it can be easy to scatter our energies and lose touch with our own center. Still, this could be the most fun and fascinating full moon of the year—so get out there and satisfy your curiosity! What makes you such great company, Gemini? Chat up someone new at this full moon—in the process, you may even make some discoveries about yourself!

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Keep your dream journal close at hand, Cancer , because at this full moon, your subconscious is working overtime. In both your dream time and your waking life, important messages are trying to come through. Their meaning will be revealed soon enough. But when was the last time you got out there and held court? You live to serve, Virgo.

Why settle for the daily grind, when you could be doing work you truly believe in? Lovers born on November 24th are very affectionate and remarkably charming.

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However, sometimes they choose to fall in love just for the sake of it. They fall in love more with the idea of love, rather than being with the right person. Not surprisingly, they often find themselves in relationships that are less than optimal. People born on this day have very powerful personalities.

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They are very persuasive and they emanate quite a bit of energy. As a manager, you are not just tasked with doing stuff and technical competence. You are also tasked with motivating people. You have natural leadership skills. You have a tremendous personality that shines out in any crowd.

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You communicate in a way that indicates a tremendous amount of personal authority, passion, and power. It is not a surprise that people consider you a natural leader. If you have given yourself the right goals and you have properly considered all other options, you are unstoppable, seriously.

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  • You can focus on an object and keep pouring energy, time, and attention to it until it gets knocked out. The problem is goal selection. People born on this day have one flaw. While they have many smaller flaws, their one major flaw is their stubbornness.

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    More importantly, learn from your mistakes. Either they follow you or they oppose you. There is no middle ground. Make sure you consider all different angles. Make sure that you maximize the chances of you being correct. However, there is such a thing as assumed authority.