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If you get what you would think brings happiness to you, two days later you get used to it and new unhappiness starts with new desires having not fulfilled. Life is a wonderful phenomenon and God has a purpose in making it so. If there were no variations in human behaviour and nature, their success and failures, life would have been very boring. As Shakespeare puts it, World is a stage and we are all actors and all the actors the King, Queen, Minister, Soldier, Cook, Patients, lepers and Scavengers should act well to make the drama a success.

The cook need not feel sorry that he did not get the role of a king. That is exactly what life is. Each one of us are required and have a job to do in helping God in the sustenance of this Universe. If all of us were doing the same or similar job where it would have lead us to. Ever wondered about it? So never be unhappy about what you are. You are an essential part of this Universe.

And what you are doing in your life is all but ordered to you by God. You are only a screw driver and you have no say in how and where you should be used. It is all in the hands of the person who holds it. And here God has our life in his hands as ordained by Him. Please do not therefore worry about the strength calculations and its applicability for predictions And nowadays there is a tendency to read horoscopes after knowing everything about celebrities and analyse it using reverse engineering which is very prevalent on the internet.

I am giving below some observations about the PMs of India which some funny guy posted somewhere. Let us now see whether we really need a parliament to rule India. We can rule ourselves as is being done now. Our parliament is nothing but pandemonium and cheap gimmicks to show protest. Perhaps you can all cast a negative vote if the candidates do not meet your expectations.

Strange Mr. Nambissan started his remarks with a quote from Mr. No body with unbiased analytic skills can agree with Mr. I find Mr.

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They are best ignored. I fully agree with the author. The political scenario in this country is exactly as per the prophecy of great Churchill. Only hypocrites can say it is different. Unfortunately we have many hypocrites but we call this system which has not delivered results a democracy. The sooner we realize this fact the better for this country. Your email address will not be published. Sir Winston Churchill wrote 64 years ago about India :.

I am giving below the strength of Narendra Modi Horoscope. I am a retired Software architect with more than 52 years of experience in Software development, EDP Management and MIS starting from and belong to the first batch of computer professionals in India. My hobby is Astrological research. I am 73 years young. I have devised a scientific and mathematical method of evaluating a horoscope similar to the Mark Sheet you receive from Board of Schools or Universities after you complete a degree or diploma course of study using which you will know where you stand among your peers.

The uniqueness of this method of evaluation is that you can use it in all schools of thought in Astrology including the Sayana System used by Westerners and the strength does not vary at all except for small decimal values. Read my blog navagrahastro. I do not believe in remedies to propitiate the planets or Gods by shortcut means like wearing a stone, doing Poojas and Homas using a middleman like priest or pundit or anyone who has made it a profession.

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For Rahu-Ketu and for retrograde planet at birth one has to move planet in direct directions only. Same way one can calculate Naibod direction by mean motion of Sun i. Od'" for all planets and for Moon 13dg'" for each year. In Radix and in Naibod one has to calculate how many years and months completed and accordingly one has to add arc in radical planets. For cusp calculation one has to use same arc as above, and add it in M. In secondary direction one has to calculate planets for the progressed date i. Example : Birth date 19th Nov. For cusp calculations one has to find out sidereal time difference of progressed date and birth date or which date's sidereal time one has used, and this hrs.

But native has shift permanently from birthplace, than one has to calculate cusp according to new place. To avoid each year progressed date's birth time planets calculation, one can adopt Noon date or Adjust calendar date as follows. Adjust Calendar Date. In first and second method one can get mostly same date, while in third method either one or two days difference may be there, due to number of days per year is considered Column it is on 18th Dec.

Difference between nearest noon and this time is 00hrmts. GMT birth time is in P. Third Method : GMT birth time is 12hrsmts as above. As per formula 13days completed and this system all months one has to considered as 30 days. It depends upon Moon's Progression's support for such aspects formation and another factor is Transit according to it. And M. Without Moon's support no events is possible i. Moon's progressed support should be similar to primary Progression. Then after one can consider Transit to activate these aspects.

Only one-degree orb is allowed in Progression. One is for applying and one is for separating from exact degree. Flow of chart is under : I Consider Natal chart in all respect and which events are indicate, one can expect such events, if Progression or Transit is favourable.

In Transit, activation's from superior planets with same type of aspects with objects involved either it may be to radical position or progressed position. In Transit, which two objects involved from radical and progressed chart, they may get activation's from Mars or Sun, if superior planets are supporting for activation. One has to wait for nearly 3 yr. From Moon's monthly progressed chart, one can gets some important months for expected events in a particular year, one can work monthly chart as follows.

I According to degree of Sun in radical, one has to leave the sign, and only consider de g. And for that time one can work out full chart like Solar return chart. Rising and new Moon's degree and see how far it is effective in radical or progressed chart as activation's point. For some one it is birth position, for some one it is progressed position and for others it is Transit.

Without combinations of above all three factors in a Nativity, one can not expect any results. Not a single event happens, without activation of Transit to Radical or progressed. To consider activation of Transit, each branch applied different rules. I think reasons behind it, that planetary's first influence on mind, and Moon is Karak of mind. Another reason is that, most of know thcirMoon sign, and in south India most of know their Birth Star also, so, when Native consult without horoscope, astrologer can work out roughly present Dasa-sub period on that base and guide to native accordingly.

Main factor is in this system is that Vedha means special aspects attributed according to motion, directions etc. Mostly kranti samya is more preferable. One can consider it in Natal as well as in Transit. On the base of the Radical positions, each planet has some point either benefic or malefic for each sign, and accordingly it is bound to give results in Dasa factor and in Transit. Here one has to apply reduction-ekdihipatya and kashya system for better result.

Some scholars work out point according to sign and house both way and judge accordingly. When Saturn Transit 4th or 8th sign from radical Moon, it is considered as a two and half year panotti, and normally its results considered not good. So, such types of systems applied in Nirayan astrology, but according to me one has to consider only birth Asc. And regarding Sade-sati and panotti one can not expect always-bad results.

Actual there are three types of Sade-sati one has to consider, when Saturn Transit in above position through birth Asc. Then one has to work out Solar return chart, and one has to compare it with Radical and progressed chart, accordingly one has to judge the main event likely to happen.

One has to consider new Moon and full Moon chart. If in radical chart Moon and Saturn in conjunction or square or in opposition than native always suffer this influence life time due to Transit of Saturn average 12d yearly and progressed of Moon 12d yearly, so position remain the same throughout life. If in radical chart, aspects formations like conjunction or square or opposition or semi-square between or among planets or with Asc. Reasons for that one has to consider Transit of superior planets and Progression of Asc, M.

C, Moon and Sun. Moon progressed one zodiac i. Jupiter takes 12yr to complete full zodiac so at the age of 42nd and 48th it is in opposition and conjunction to its position. Saturn takes 30yr to complete full zodiac, so at the age of 45th it is in opposition position. Uranus takes 84yr to complete full zodiac, so at the age of 42nd yr. Neptune takes yrto complete full zodiac, so at the age of 42nd yr.

Rahu takes l8yrto complete full zodiac, so at the age of 45 th yr. Above motion is average for each planets, and in radical chart, suppose with superior planets and above four progressed points involved with such aspects than it is sure dangerous and one has to cautions.

In medical science also seven-yr. If eclipse point afflict any radical point or progressed point than one has to consider. One has to consider orb for Transit, also one has to consider retrograde and stationary position of planets during Transit because its impact is more. Reason for it is that, before planet move retrograde becomes stationery then it moves retrograde, again it becomes stationery and then it resume direct motion, so in such situation when superior planet involved with sensitive point of the radical or progressed than one has to be careful.

When chart of full Moon and new Moon, degree of that and Asc. With the help of planetary period, one can find out the aspects formation with the radical chart, and one can expect event according to 26 radix. In this system one has to move one house per year from birth as a Asc. One can work out parallel Transit, and expects the results. Any kind of combination of planet to planet or with cusp called aspects. Different type of aspects system applied by Nirayan, Sayan and Tajik branch of astrology. We will study main object of it. I All planets aspects to seventh sign from its placement.

In this system, even planet is not aspecting to any planet, but each planet bound to aspect 7th sign or additional aspects if it is, so one can read planet's results as under. I If Saturn aspects to Venus, by 3rd aspect, than in Saturn Dasa or sub period one can expects the results of house where Venus is deposited, where Venus rules and its karaktwa in addition to its own. Here also some common judgement that some aspects are benefic or malefic according to distance, but it is not for always.

Reason is that, any kind of aspects shows its influence on any event, as well it shows path of event, or it shows easiness or hardship during particular time or for particular event. But promise of event is decide by the house involved. Normally following distance aspects are considered. SOd Sesquiquadrate - d Bi-quintile - d There are other aspects also considered as follows. Navamash - planet aspects 40d distance planet or cusp. Grand trine- planet's placement approx. It is main important and its effects like trine house. Grand Square- Planet's placement approx.

It is main important factor and its effects like angle house. Fan formation- In this condition, planets are in sextile to each other like in lst-3rd-5th-7th 9th etc. In direction, there are two type of aspects to be considered, one is zodiacal and another is mundane. If birth is on higher lat. So all such factors to be considered in direction application. While influence point of view or support or obstruct point of view, one has to consider longitude aspects.

Rahu and Ketu's significators one has to considered by sidereal aspects. Special note for longitude aspects: Conjunction means unity, when two planet cooperate for specific significance, it is good, but when contradict, it a malefic effect. Conjunction like symbol of Sun. Opposition means one is confused in attraction or in illusion or in Maya, so there is a confusion factor in a n1tive for such combinations, can not able to take decision which is correct.

It is like a Moon symbol Karak of Maya. Trine means with support of purva punya and fortune one can get benefit or easiness, with little efforts, it is like a Jupiter. Square means mentally and physically, one has to put hard struggle and gel the result, so it is ruled by Mercury and Saturn. Sextile means with efforts and some one supports, one can gets the positive results. It is ruled by Mars. Above classifications shows that, longitude aspects are some how connected with planet's and sidereal divisional charts, that what I understood.

There are two systems given in the granths. Mostly scholars follow 2nd method, for Nirayan chart, one has to convert Sun longitude in Sayan, and according to that longitude one has to erect a chart for the required year, and deduct the aynamasa for Nirayan chart. Solar return chart indicates events concerned for a year, but one cannot expect any event, which are not promised by Natal chart.

To find out events from Solar return chart one has to follow. A Sign rising in SRC, one has to see where this sign fall in Natal and in progressed chaf4 and according to that house matters reflect during that year. B lf any planet rising in As c. C If rising sign of SRC, is a sign of angle ortrikonc house of Natal than it indicates some good events. H If lord of Asc. One can match Moon's monthly Progression for more specific time factor with this Transit. Note: One more experienced l have done, that erect the chart for progressed Sun longitude's for that year.

Many clues from this chart is available. I have observed as under. SRC's results are always based on b. Second point is that, if native has shifted to new places from birthplace, than it effects more. Third factor is that, mostly birth longitude of Sun falls in near by birth date. While in this system due to progressed Sun's longitude one can not get date nearby birth date in SRC and this can be match with monthly chart by Sun longitude[progressed , lunar month chart[progressed and one house for every month from Asc.

Our all Sodas Sanskars as well as all religion rituals performed according to specific muhurats. All these muhurats are given by our Rishis for the benefit of humanities. Jn our granths muhurats are based on panchang. To perform religion rituals, our sages have given some specific muhurats, so one can use it with the help of Nativity and according to chart, one can select the Muhurat, and those who do not have their chart, one can use common Muhurat or according to Horary. Jn Indian panchang almost common muhurats are there, so one can selects according to their cast and customs.

Jn Sayan one can select the time according to direction, longitude aspects, and fixed stars for specific Muhurat, and mainly they concerned with lunar day, Transit and hora hours. So according to birth chart one can select with aspects, Transit of superior planets, lunar day and hora hour. If birth chart is not there, one can use Horary for such purpose. One can use hora and sub hora also. Even if day Star is not according to significators but it is needed to select time for specific work, one can go according to hora hour, and with Asc.

Muhurat will help only, if Natal chart shows positive for specific event. In Sidereal it is a middle point and in Sayan it is a beginning of cusp. According to me it may be as under. If we study the history of astrology, we can understand that, the vedic astrology based on nakshtras in ancient as well as today also. Our all muhurats, religious functions and shodas sanskaram based on nakshtra, lunar day, yoga, karan and day lord. And all these are according to native's cast and customs, for their welfare and prosperous life.

In vedic astrology signs were not used. But later stage signs have been used.


We all know that, our constellations are two types, one is fixed star and one is divisional nakshtras of ecliptic. And today also we are using this divisional nakshtras for all-purpose as well as fixed stars also. If we go through all nakshtras name, we get main 24 nakshtras. While today we are considering 27 nakshtras.

So from 24 to 27 nakshtras have been used. Middle cusp concept based on the nakshtras systems, because 12 houses have 2 points one is beginning and one is middle point, while end point is the beginning point for another cusp. Another point is to be considered that, celestial objects and our Solar systems, including our earth and Moon also moving in a particular orbit around each other due to one of the force is gravity. This gravity force is always attracts bodies towards the center of the object, so all celestial objects move around each other due to gravity force of each 34 other. The gravity force is always centripetal.

Our house system has main four points, rising horizon, setting horizon, zenith and nadir. We all know that when Sun is on meridian it is more powerful and its rays arc also straight and more heat that time than other hours of the day. Another point is that, all our longitude aspects arc based on geocentric and not on Topocentric, next point is that, for high tide when Moon is on the meridian of that place, i. Moon is always in 4th or lOth house during that time, and this is a center point of two horizon. So from above discussion, center point is more important, another factor is that our sidereal horoscope based on fixed zodiac, which is a divisional nakshtras based, and in any division center point is main.

Next point is to considered that, we arc considering aspects 3 ways, applying- exact and separation, and experience shows that influence of aspects more powerful when it is in exact. Astronomical phenomena like Solar eclipse. In middle point of cusp, there is no need to consider any orb, and planet near to mid point is more powerful than, it is in beginning of the cusp or in end of the cusp.

And one can work out comparative ratio on the based of planet deposited in the house and its distance from middle ofthe cusp. For beginning of the cusp, l think following points are in consideration. Our year is mean full zodiac of Sun, and in a year there are 12 months [Solar months , and 12 lunar months, so twelve equal division of ecliptic is a sign.

When fixed zodiac and moveable zodiac were same, description of sign based on the constellations in each sign, but due to precession of equinox at present moveable zodiac has not the same constellations as described. As well as when we see in night during the sky observation, that shape of sign given in our granths are to be studied by considering the divisional nakshtras and fixed stars in that.

When ecliptic divided in equal 12 division, it has one starting point and one is ending point. Sign resembles to cusp in natural terms, so rising degree here considered as a beginning point of cusp. When planet entered in a sign its effects started. Same way when planet entered in a house its effects start. For cusp 5dg orbs is considered and for hyleg 35 different orbs is to be considered. So planet in end of 12th cusp and near to lstcusp, its effect more to Istcusp than to 12th house, and not only for orb consideration but in future it will progressed to I st house sign from 12th house.

So this also indicate that for planet, center of sign is more important than its beginning. One more point we can get from Horary rule is that, we can not give answer, when Moon or Asc. But as per its defination it is wrong, because when we use term Starlord, we should considered Starlord ruler for the cusp also not as a sign lord. For example : Suppose Sun is in Venus Star, so we will say that Sun is the significators of where Venus is deposited and house ruled by Venus as a sign lord.

On which house Vrishbha and Libra sign falls, but this is not the correct as per terms, we should considered where Venus rulers nakshtras falls i. Bhami-Purva falguni and purva Shadha. If out of these three nakshtra fall on any bhava one has to considered that bhava first than sign rulers. If time will permit in future, I will put my observations on this point, and one has to consider middle or beginning of cusp according to the system they follow. But according to me middle point is more weighted.

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There are two systems followed by scholars 1 by time and 2 by number. In time system, one has to erect the chart, when any querist asked any question, or one can read query in a letter-fax-email etc. So according to that time one has to erect the chart. Sometime querist gives the time, place and date when first time query comes in his mind. Actual Horary system is that, whenever any question rise in his mind, that is the actual time for Horary chart.

But most of people don't know this rule of Horary and according to their suitable time they approach to astrologer and asked the question, and astrologer has no choice but he has to cast the horoscope according to that time. And this is a main limitation oftime system.

In number system, querist has to give one number, either within or within , or unlimited digit number refer nakshtra chintan part-1 and this number indicate ftxed Asc degree of query. Astrologer has to cast the chart according to his convenient time and place, but he has to finished chart working and judgement of the chart in the same sitting. In this system cusps are according to ftxed Asc, according to number given by querist, this Asc.

Astrologer has to insert planets of that time when he starts working in a chart, then one has to take judgement. If for some reason there is any disturbance during calculation and compulsion to leave it, then one has to cast the chart again when one sits for judgement, cusp remains the same most! In Nirayan and in K. Before proceeds in the chart, particularly in Sayan, one has to cons idcr following points. II If Moon is not reflecting the question by house or sign or aspects 38 or Karak, than one can avoid the answer.

So, astrologer has to check all above conditions then only proceeds further as follows. One has to consider significators and promittars as follows. Promittors arc lord of house regarding for which matter question is concerned. If fast moving planet is ahead in degree than other planet, one can not expect positive reply. If fast moving planet is ahead in degree and before change of sign its move backward, and apply to another planet, one can expect positive reply.

If fast moving planet is in applying condition to another planet, but before aspects fulfillcdanother planet change the sign, reply is negative. If fast moving planet is in applying condition to another planet, but before aspects fulfilled, fast moving planet turns retrograde, hopes of results lost at last stage. Iffast moving planet is in applying condition to another planet. But before aspects fulfilled, another fast moving planet than this two aspect with out of this two planet results is prohibited due to this third planet as a house ruler or its karaktwa becomes the reason for this negative result.

But leaves the sign, any another planet which is fast than this 39 two, apply first to slow moving planet and translate or collect its light and approach to first fast moving planet, then one can expect the positive result. It will be fulfilled by support of this third planet as a house ruler and Karak. Applying planet's sign and house position to be considered Cardinal sign, Common sign, Fixed sign. Angle Hs. If there is any disturbance during work and compulsion to get up, one has to insert the planets of new time.

If place remain the same, there is no need to cast the cusp again, but place of working is also changed, then one has to consider new place lat. Sublord shows querist's efforts to fulfilled desire. If it is expected in short duration , one can depend on Transit only. So, one can work out Horary either by time or number system. In Tajik most of the same rules are given as in Sayan, with different names like lthasal, Israf, Nakta etc. There are different systems for Horary and rules are also different to follows. There is always one kind of comparison factor rise in mind which is to be followed, because some scholars give importance to only Horary or some are giving importance to Natal.

So here I have tried to compare both the branch. I In Natal chart, correct birth data required, particularly correct birth time, even today most of doesn't know which is correct birth time. So this is a very important point in Natal chart, and without correct rectification one can not proceed further. In primary direction difference of 20" in birth time gives I Month difference in time factor, while in Horary this problem can not arise, because as per Horary rules astrologer has to cast the chart. Compare different types of time judgements like Progression, Dasa, periodical planetary system and Transit etc While in Horary one has to study the chart for specific question with the system's rules.

Natal chart is more important, than Horary. While Horary can give answer yes or no and some more details pertaining to present life and future prospectus of that relation. While in Horary chart one can cast if native himself or herself present by personal, or by letter-fax- email, or by telephone or by blood related person in his or her absence, or in special case some time by partner or friend as a well wisher.

While in Horary one has to cast the chart for that time or according to number and one has to check Moon, whether Moon reflects the question or not, if Moon reflects question in Horary chart then only one can proceed further, while such restriction is not in Natal chart. So, from above discussion, I believed that Horary chart can be used as a supportive tool for Natal as well as separate when it is needed, but Natal is more important in all respect.

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Whenever any chart present to an astrologer, they have to check whether it is rectified or not with the help of RP Ruling Planets at the time of judgement. The astrologer must check the Asc. Rectification is an Astrologer's Ethic before analysis prediction of the chart, which should be 'Astrologically Rectified' by an Astrologer. There are different opinions regarding correct birth time to be considered. There are some postulates for rectification.

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